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How to Use a Concrete Block Making Machine?
Jun 14 , 2023
Whether the concrete block making machine is used correctly will directly affect the service life of the brick machine, and the specific operation steps may vary due to different types of concrete block making machines. HGMA company reminds you to read and follow the instruction manual and safety operation procedures of the equipment carefully before operation to ensure correct and safe operation.
Check before use:
Make sure the concrete block making machine is in a stable position and connected to the power source.

According to the need, install the corresponding mold to ensure that the mold is installed firmly.

Raw material preparation:
Prepare concrete raw materials, including cement, sand, aggregate and appropriate amount of water. Accurately weigh raw materials according to the ratio requirements.
Start the device:
Turn on the power and start the concrete block making machine.
Select the appropriate operation mode according to the device's operation interface or the instructions on the control panel.
Raw material feed:
Put the prepared concrete raw materials into the concrete mixer and start the mixer to fully mix the raw materials.
Pressure forming:
The mixed concrete raw materials are sent into the forming mold through the outlet of the mixer or the conveyor belt.

Control the equipment so that the mold is formed under proper pressure and vibration.

Compaction and Vibration:
After the concrete enters the mold of the block machine, the compaction and vibration functions are activated to ensure that the concrete fully fills the mold and removes air bubbles.
Finished product processing:
After forming, wait a certain time for the concrete block to cure and gain sufficient strength.
The forming mold is removed, and the finished blocks are stacked or processed later.
Cleaning and maintenance:
After the operation is finished, turn off the power of the device. Clean equipment, remove concrete residue, and ensure equipment is clean. Carry out regular maintenance of equipment, including lubricating transmission parts, checking and replacing worn parts, etc.
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