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China Block Machine Manufacturer -ZCJK Intelligent Machinery Wuhan Co., Ltd.
Apr 12 , 2022

Wuhan ZCJK Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. settled in Xiaogan and the production base was put into operation. In the same year, it developed qty4-15, qty6-15 and qty9-18 series block forming machines. In 2011, it developed and manufactured mixing plant equipment. In 2012, it passed CE EU certification, developed and manufactured qty10-15 and qty12-15 block making machines.
In 2003, the concept of "service at home" was established. In 2005, the sales of brick machines ranked first in China. In 2006, the Ministry of foreign trade was established to develop the international market and meet the needs of international customers. In 2007, the "sustainable development forum of brick machine industry" was organized in cooperation with China Building Materials Association in Beijing. In 2008, the society was organized to repay the society and help build a "Wenchuan" customer friendship. In 2010, it began to carry out in-depth cooperation with large domestic enterprises, such as CITIC construction, CCCC, China Railway, etc. in recent years, with the steady development of enterprises, it has successively set up offices in various provinces.
In 2013, we developed and manufactured cement foam insulation board equipment; in 2014, we developed and manufactured light partition board equipment; in 2015, the production base of children's amusement toys was established; in 2016, we developed and manufactured qty8-15 block forming machine; in 2018, we conducted technical cooperation with Huazhong University of science and technology on equipment automation; Sinoma construction was certified as a high-tech enterprise and established a party branch. We believe that the shareholders, cadres, excellent employees Under the leadership of Party members, Sinoma construction science and technology will be booming, more and more stable, and its development will be better and better!

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